About this site

From Octarus

This is a new place to share interesting stories, controversies, or anything else that you want. Anyone with an account can log in and create a new page to share their content. In this site you can practice your writing skills, talk about controversial things that are happening within a community, or share anything else. This is more of a long-text format of site, if you want short statements, then Twitter is for you.

Why use this site?

  • This site is a collaborative effort to offer a safe ad-free place to store your stuff. Don't worry about censoring on Octarus, because it doesn't exist unless you are doing something very illegal (Content Policy).
  • Free integrated storage that will cover most needs, and let you upload large image files. You can even upload non-standard files such as Minecraft .McWorld files, and even .ogg files for audio projects.
  • Learn to code with the built in code proofreading system that supports many coding languages. You can learn to manipulate testing files automatically, and even run some of your own scripts.
  • Great search engine that has lots of filtering options to help you find what you want. As the site grows, there will be more public documents, and this search engine is ready for any increases in document count.
  • There is documentation on most aspects of the site, so if you are wondering what something does, click on the little help button in the top right to learn more about what it is.

Why trust us?

  • The software that is used is based on the same software that Wikipedia is running (it also has the same security extensions), and it gets updated to the newest version as soon as it releases to the public.
  • This site does not have one true leader