Araco the hero

From Octarus
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A long time ago dragons fought with humans for centuries. Then, one day, a mysterious man had a prophecy: in only one more century, if the humans and dragons continued to fight, Earth as they knew it would be destroyed. So the humans put down their spears and the dragons stopped using their elemental powers for evil. Instead, humans built homes for the dragons and the dragons used their elemental powers for good. Water dragons provided drinking water and put out fires. Ice dragons cooled people down on the hottest summer days. And fire dragons… well, they were the one type who weren’t as peaceful. They could bring destruction, so the humans had to be extra careful around them.

There was one dragon in particular, Araco, who was seen as a savior by many poor villages. She was a water dragon with shimmering, teal scales. She lived in Perlai Sea. Everyday, she swam to the bottom of the sea to find pearls with her webbed feet, fins, and slender body for help. She also went to the shore to see if any gold had washed up from the richest land, Kina Kingdom. Then, she gathered up as many pearls and gold as she could, and delivered them to the peasants of the villages. “Thank you, Araco!” they exclaimed. “How kind you are!”

One day, as Araco was soaring across the sky to bring treasures to the poor villages, she noticed something alarming. Flying above Kina Kingdom was a fire dragon. She saw sparks coming out of his mouth. So she dropped the treasures and flew as quickly as she could towards the kingdom. As she got closer, she recognized the dragon to be Dractus who lived in Ignico Land. He was circling around the royal castle which sat upon the highest rocky hill in the middle of the island. The guards in front of the castle’s gates were looking up in horror, not knowing what to do. The civilians of the kingdom on the lower rocky hills were running as far as they could, away from the castle.

Araco was coming closer and closer to Dractus. When she was only one mile away, a big flame started to come out of his mouth. She flew quicker, quicker than she thought she was able to fly, and started to spout water out of her mouth. The water extinguished the flames as it was only feet away from hitting the tallest spire on the royal castle. Dractus turned his head towards Araco with his eyes narrow and steam coming out of his nostrils. Then, he spit fire at her before turning around and flying away from the royal castle. She dodged the flames and flew after him.

As Dractus was flying away, he tried spitting fire down on the land but Araco kept stopping him. Finally, they reached the edge of Kina Kingdom and he flew towards his home. Araco kept flying after him. “Leave me alone!” Dractus yelled. “No, I just want to help,” Araco explained. “I don’t need any help!” Araco could not keep up with Dractus. Still, this didn’t stop her from following him. As they flew closer, she started to see the volcanoes of Ignico Land. She didn’t see any other dragons around. They must’ve been inside the volcanoes. Perfect, she thought. I can talk to him in private. In front of her, Dractus started to slow down as he became tired. Araco caught up to him just as he landed on the volcanic soil. “Seriously, what do you want? And who are you?” he asked, out of breath. “My name is Araco. And like I said, I just want to help. Why were you trying to destroy Kina Kingdom?” she responded. “For many centuries, people and even dragons have seen fire dragons as the bad guys. I started to believe, well, maybe I am a bad guy…” “Just because people see you a certain way doesn’t mean that’s who you are. And they’re silly for believing that in the first place. I think the reason why they might think you're a bad guy is because they are only afraid. They think fire can destroy stuff. But fire isn’t bad! It helps people stay warm and cook their food! Why don’t you try helping people instead of hurting them?”

Dractus’ eyes widened. No one had ever said anything so nice to him before. He started to tear up. “Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry! Are you okay?” Araco asked worriedly. “I’m more than okay. Thank you. Thank you so much, Araco,” Dractus exclaimed. From that point on, he took her advice and helped people. He made fires for their warmth and to cook their food. The other fire dragons did the same. Soon, people saw fire dragons just like they saw all of the other dragons, as friends. The other dragons stopped with their hatred as well. Finally, everyone lived together in harmony.