Calm it with Coronavirus

From Octarus

Everyone is going crazy with the Coronavirus situation. If I cough even once peoples back away from me and say something like "welp now I have the virus" or "Pat has the virus!" and it is getting annoying. Coronavirus is currently a serious issue but not everyone has it, and it is kind of annoying when others overreact when an Asian dude coughs.

I dont have the virus, and it is nothing to freak out about unless someone near you has it. Freaking out over the virus makes sense because it is new and there is not a whole lot of information on it just yet, but there is no need to take it to the extreme, like what happens around a lot now. Before if I coughed no one would even notice, and now everyone wants to back away. Nothing has changed (that I know of) so please stop overreacting. It is just annoying, and nothing else.