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Cracked Cubes Logo

CrackedCubes is a Minecraft Bedrock content creation team that has been "making" content such as Maps and Addon since around January of 2019. They have over 20 maps released and downloadable, and have gotten thousands of downloads of "their" content. They have had a few problems since their start with content releases, beta leaks, and other general problems with community enjoyment.

Questionable Content Sourcing

CrackedCubes dont actually make their own builds. They ask Java Edition creators to upload their content, and release it on MCPEDL and MCPE Addons. The issue arises when they give themselves primary credit for the creation, and in most cases have their logo in the corner of the maps. If you mention where the content is from, they will tell you that it was built by their team, but after sending them a Planet Minecraft link, they will block you and try to hide the evidence that it was taken off of Java Edition.