How to Establish Communism

From Octarus

Communism is an economic ideology in which everyone shares the wealth gained from the workers. For example, communism in a village would have all of the villagers put the wheat, and the carrots, and their books in a big pile, then the leader of the village would redistribute the wealth between all of the villagers, and everyone is happy and loves their life. This is communism and this is how to implement it into your very own Minecraft server.

Step 1

  • Overthrow the current moderators**. If the current moderators of your minecraft server are not either A) You or B) Communist, then you'll need to overthrow them to establish your communist regime. Take the Russian Revolution for example. The people, led by Vladimir Lenin, completely changed the way their government worked by overthrowing the Tsar system. They then founded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or U.S.S.R., which was a big success and a communist state which you may have heard of. You need to rally the masses by performing big speeches and making big promises about the future of your Server. Promise abundance of diamonds, and emeralds. You need the trust of the people on your side when creating a communist state. You could lead the revolution or take on of the other alternative ways listed here:
  • Hacking- hack the server files and deleted the current mods from the server.
  • Promotion- Infiltrate the mod hierarchy and establish communism from there.
  • Violence- Kill the mods with diamond swords in a PvP fight. Steal their diamonds so that they will be so humiliated they will Uninstall minecraft leaving you as the leader.

Step 2

    • Perform a cultural reform.** Once you have ripped power straight from the hands of the Bourgeoisie (Buh-Jwah-ZEE), you need to change the way of life on your minecraft server, build farms, factories, shops, etc., all in order to make sure that your workers are happy, and willing to perform their duties as members of this perfect Communist Utopia. (By the way, that is exactly what you should rename your server, as it is a very nice name) Use propaganda to convince your people that they are happy and are living a very swell life indeed. If you have ever read George Orwell's dystopian novel, _1984,_ you would remember the corporate conglomerate government that is INGSOC, and you would know that they created willing ignorance of all of history for their citizens. You might think Big Brother is a bad thing, but when I think of Big Brother, I think about how I love my Big Brother.

Step 3

    • Redistribute the wealth.** The class divisions are our enemy, we need to make a welcoming environment for all Minecrafters to come and enjoy themselves. Gather all of the diamonds, and other goods, and redistribute them evenly between all of the players.
       For Example:

I have 20 players on my server And I have 100 diamonds.

What I would do is give each player 5 diamonds, because 100/20=5. So everyone would be happy and live in a communist utopia.

I would also make sure everyone had the same house, car, skin, and other stuff like that in order to preemptively defend against any form of class, as some players can find different ways to feel superior to other players.

If you have completed these steps you have successfully created a minecraft server with a strong Communist Regime that will last for years to come.

Make sure to keep the people happy, or they will dissolve your union.

-Andy Hoffman