How to design a website

From Octarus

Designing a good website is not as easy as going onto the Wix website builder and getting it done quick. (Wix is terrible) Good web design requires some knowledge of either how to use a CMS like WordPress, or knowing HTML, CSS, and some javaScript. Sometimes you can be using WordPress and need to know how to code to fix your site or to create something that isnt standard with the program.

Where do I start?

If you are completely new to coding and website structuring, it is best to start with WordPress because there are thousands of premade templates that you can customize to your liking and make useful.

WordPres Plugins

Plugins are chunks of code that replace or add to the existing code in WP. The essentials are below.

Yoast SEO

This is a great plugin for WP that will handle your search engine optimization needs. It has lots of neat features that come with it for free, and it is not necessary to pay for anything it offers to get some great results.

Cache Manager

The cache manager plugin is a great one that will help keep your site fast by only keeping the most recent cached version of the site ready. WordPress does not come with any caching settings for content, so it is up to the users to either clear it or wait for their browsers to do that for them. With a cache plugin, admins can manage when it is cleared.

Askimet Antispam

This is a really great plugin that will prevent some of the more basic WordPress bots that will come and try to ruin your comments section with spam and bad advertising. It wont get rid of the more complex bots, but it does a good job guarding the chat/comments section.

Stop Spammers

This is a more hardcore plugin that is similar to Askimet, but can detect and ban hackers, detect bots and place their IP on a blacklist, and even block the servers that they are on entirely. The only problem with this is that there are plenty of settings to change and choose from, and if you dont understand how the internet works, it will be a bit difficult to set up.