How to use Google Drawings

From Octarus

One tool that I was reticent to use was Google Draw, an option that recently became available in Google Drive, because I couldn’t think of how it could be used in the classroom. I decided to tackle this part of Drive head-on and have found that it can be incredibly useful in all areas of the high school curriculum and can be embedded into a Google Doc or a Google Presentation very easily. This tutorial will show you around Google Drawings.

How to create a drawing

To create a drawing, click the red Create button while on the homepage of Google Drive:

Google drive drawings create.png

Your drawing will open, along with your familiar white toolbar at the top of the page. I’ve retitled the drawing to “Sample Drawing.”

Google drawings document header.png

I used Google Drawings for quite a while before I realized that it’s possible to change the size of the default canvas. It’s pretty easy to do and is almost necessary if you’re working with a chart or diagram.

Tip: Unfortunately, there’s no stretch to fit option that would stretch out the objects you’ve already placed on the canvas, so you might want to alter the canvas size first.