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The Addons app by Kayen Works is a app that was built for to make downloading Minecraft content easier. You can download it on the App Store and Play Store, and it will display a feed of content that works with the .mcfile content storage system. There is estimated to be about 2 Thousand Maps and Addons on the app, and every day it updates with new content.

Types of content

There are all sorts of content on the app, including minigames, adventure maps, survival maps, and plenty more. Everything downloads quickly, and there is a reviews system that can get crazy due to the lack of moderation. Other than the chat problems, everything works great, and the download button doesn't install anything more than what you tell it to. The content selection is decent and has lots of variety to it. There is a way to suggest new content that the moderators (Kayen Works) can add to the app, and a way to upvote others suggestions to prevent duplicate idea submissions. The moderators also like community content and you can submit your content to them by emailing them at Kayen do a good job of making sure the downloads work and fixing them if they break which can happen with new Minecraft updates.