MCRES Content Scandals

From Octarus

MCRES is a network of sites (Operated at that distribute content throughout the community. There are mixed opinions on how the system works, but they have worked with other platforms that distribute stolen or ported content. I am not sure how much content on their platform is stolen, but it is between 30 to 40 percent of all content uploaded.

Content Sourcing

On the website, users were (up until Jan 3 2020) able to upload content, and it would get a review, custom screenshots, and a specialized download button that was ad-free, but also logs who clicks on it and records that data. The problem with the download button is that they would remove any AdFly links and give a direct download that was hosted on the server itself. This doesn't allow the original creator to make money unless they partner (see below) to make money, while the developers behind MCRES are making money on the content through 3rd party distribution.


Partnerships allowed you to collect one-time payments for your creations, while payments after that would go to the developers of the website for maintenance and other expenses. There is a 5% tax on content, but that does actually go towards taxes, and is fine.