Magicá - Addon Guide

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Magicá - A completely incomplete guide


You can no longer level up from killing mobs, mining ores etc after you've done something magic. In order to gain levels, you need to infuse yourself with a formula.

Your experience bar is now a mana bar. Upon holding specific items, it'll function as a counter to show how long you're magically infused.

Getting started

Witches and skeletons now drop formulas. Formulas are consumable, weak spells you can use while interacting with other entities.

  1. Use a transformation formula on a chicken
  2. Use an infusion formula on a villager
  3. You now have a magician villager. He is the "crafting table" of this addon


You can now find new ores underground. (Requirements: difficulty > peaceful & mobspawning = true)

In order to mine an ore, you need an iron pickaxe. Hit the ore while holding it and the corresponding shard drops.

Magic Weapons

This addon adds five new, powerful & truly magical weapons. The weapons have different abilities depending on the element they were made out of

Wizarding I - For Beginners

Unlike witches, you cannot fight with magic itself. In order to cast a spell, you need an Infusable Stone and one of the five different gems. Each gem is bound to a different spell.

  1. Take a gem into your main hand
  2. A counter starts and you'll see particles around you representing the elemental gem you selected
  3. Now throw the Infusable Stone. A part of your magic power is now part of the projectile. Upon hitting an entity or a block, the magic transported starts to take effect
  4. If you throw the Infusable Stone without being infused, you immediately get it back into your inventory

Wizarding II - Infusion

You might have noticed a countdown kicking in while holding the infusion formula. You can also infuse yourself to level up. In order to do that, hold the formula until the timer runs out. You get 40 levels and your formula turns into an empty one. (Due to a MCBE bug, the inventory doesn't visually update after the item changed. You need to manually do that by moving it)

Wizarding III - Revolution

There are five new, functional blocks made out of the gems.

  1. Water Block - Creeper explosions are not dangerous if they're in a specific radius around this block
  2. Fire Block - Smelts ice & snow in a small radius
  3. Air Block - Skeletons spawned in a radius around this block start levitating
  4. Earth Block - Zombies spawned in a radius around this block receive damage
  5. Magicá Block - ???