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Welcome to Octarus!

Octarus is a website for sharing knowledge, archiving documents, and talking about whatever you want. Write a story to share, or create an informative document about something you are interested in! Any and all content is welcome as long as it follows the Content Policies. You can do lots of different things here, such as uploading images, videos, and more to share with others, or creating your own pages for experiences you have inside of video games, or to showcase your creations. You can talk with others using the discussions tabs, and lots more things.

How to use this site

Use the search bar at the top of any page to look for existing documents and create your own documents. Clicking "Everything" on the search page will display all file types in the search engine. It works just like Google or any other search engine, but documents and webpages are stored locally rather than being spread out across multiple websites


There are 412 public documents that were created by 43 site members.

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