Quality vs. Quantity

From Octarus
This is an archived document. Written on: Nov 15, 2018

Quality Vs. Quantity How do I chose what is the right balance of quality, while still maintaining a constant quantity? I was recently hired by a minecraft build team, and am producing content for them. The biggest criticism that the team gets is that the maps are of poor quality, and just for the money. Quality and quantity are both very important, and if you have too little of either, people will stop caring. With quality, you need to make the maps look presentable, fun to play, and interesting. With quantity, you want to stay on the main page, and producing content really fast helps out with that. If you have more quality, your projects will look great, but you may only make 2 or 3 projects a week, and that isn’t that great for keeping your content relevant. Along with that, quality content isn’t always fun, however it may look good, the experience may be off. Making a large quantity of creations is fast, can still be profitable, and fun for the fanbase. The upside to making quantity creations, is that you can still get the same amount of money out of it, if not more. In the end, you want to keep your content quality, while not making one a year, or no one will see your content.