Story:Creative Town Adventures

From Octarus
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Chapter 1

I spawned. Ooh! Its a taiga biome mixed with a spruce forst biome. I turn around and see that people have already been building. I saw a bridge with some cranes by it and all sorts of cool stuff. I saw some signs that said "We have been experiencing wolf-breeding issues, try to keep the wolf population low", and I wondered, what wolf population issues? I know that the taiga and spruce forst is where wolves come out of their caves the most, so that makes the most sense. I went up to a hill, and set to work. I wanted a modern house, so I went for it. I lived views on mountains in Minecraft, so this is perfect. Then, wolves came up to me, and were smelling me to make sure I was okay. By now I had maybe two dozen wolves by me. I continued to build anyways. Yea, there really was a wolf problem. I took a break from my house and looked around. I logged on the realm and to my surprise, there was more built.