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This is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Minecraft content app. Similar to other apps out on the play store, such as, or MCPE Addons by Kayen Works, this app is designed to deliver a simple experience with scrolling vertically as the main interaction method.

Everything from the android source code, to the admin panel is released as open source, but you must obtain a key from the owner. Codes are 100-digit strings that you enter into the files to connect the app with our database. It offers a much easier way to transfer user data

Self Hosting

Server Requirements

To host the application backend on your own server, you need to have a server with cPanel, SQL, and at least 5GB of storage available. You will also need an account on this website, because that is where you are able to host images and files easily. You can Create one here.

Web Software

You will need to import [This ZIP Package] into your server under a new folder and extract it.

Locate the conf.php file at /services/conf.php and open it. You need to enter a key that you want to use. Keys must be between 6 and 100 characters long and only contain lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers. For example, You could use the name SkyGames but not MCRES because of the amount of letters. This is for security reasons. Remember that keys are case-sensitive, so it would be good to copy and paste it somewhere for future use, when you get to the app portion.

Android App