Understanding the Admin Panel

From Octarus

Below I will list the various sections, what they mean and do, and how to use them.


This is where you view the various statistics of the app. These are only the stats of when a user clicks on content, not of the xml pages. (This is more accurate)
This page is rather self explanatory, with "Content Statistics" showing views and comments. Creation Information shows how many of each type of content that you have. Topic information shows how many topics (Maps, Addons, Seeds, etc) there are.


Internally in MCRES, creations are called News. Creations can take on a few different types of traits like being under a topic, being featured (stuck to the top), and being drafted (private).

Uploading Creations

Click on "Add News" or "Add Content" in the top right, and then fill out the information it asks for.

  • Creation Title = The name of the creation
  • Creation Type = You can choose between different types. Video lets you embed videos into the top section, and gallery turns the top section into a place where you can show different angles of the build.
  • Upload Date = This is broken currently.
  • Topic = This is where you select if it is a map, addon, etc. You can add your own topics. Read below.
  • Description = This is where you type what the creation is about. You can Upload Files Here, and then copy the URL over to your app, embed it as an image, and it will work just fine.
  • Thumbnail = Upload a thumbnail to show on the homescreen of the app and