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This is a new place to share interesting stories, controversies, or anything else that you want. Anyone with an account can log in and create a new page to share their content. In this site you can practice your writing skills, talk about controversial things that are happening within a community, or share anything else. This is more of a long-text format of site, if you want short statements, then Twitter is for you.

Unbiased Search Engine

For more information on the Octarus search engine, head over to Search Equality on Octarus to learn more.

Resources Usage

Since this is running on a server, and servers cost money, please try to keep your usage down to a reasonable amount. It is impossible to create 50 meaningful content pages every single day, so that shouldn't ever be that high, but it is an option if you really do need it.

Account Limitations

File Size Limits: 32MB per file
File Upload Limits: 100 per day
Page Creation Limits: 50 per day
Email Sending Limits: 50 per day

Network Statistics (2019)

Domain Ownership: 17 Domains
Subdomain Count: 65 Subdomains
Member Count: 44 Peoples
SysUser Count: x,xxx,xxx