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Welcome to our site!

Octarus is a website for sharing knowledge, archiving documents, and talking about whatever you want. Write a story to share, or create an informative document about something you are interested in! Any and all content is welcome as long as it follows the Content policy.

You can do lots of different things here, such as uploading images, videos, and more to share with others, or creating your own pages for experiences you have inside of video games, or to showcase your creations. You can talk with others using the discussions tabs, and lots more things.

Your Capabilities

All users with accounts are able to upload about 30 MB files by default. Higher up members are able to upload up to 1TB files. This is for security reasons, but we have unlimited file size capabilities.

How to use this site

You can search for documents with the search bar, or upload your own with the File Uploader tool. Please keep in mind that spam and bad files will be removed. If they were linked to one of your projects using the File: format, too bad.

Public Pages

This website currently has 412 public pages. Below you can find a list of most public pages.