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Made in China is not worse!

Lots of people associate a product being made in China as low quality, and they prefer to buy things from their own country. Sure, there are lots of knockoff products that are made in China, but most of it is very good products that were actually designed in the United States, and then manufactured in

Should we trust Google?

Google is a large company that owns YouTube, Google Ads, Blogger, and a lot more service. They have a big influence in western web design, security, and how the web works in general because they own Google Chrome. On previous article about keeping search fair there is evidence that Google likes to and does control

Why Privacy is Important

There is comfort in privacy. Constantly watching what someone does will change them into a person who does everything possible to avoid looking suspicious, and that is bad for many reasons. If someone was staring at you while you do your everyday activities you would be freaked out. I think that the internet is lacking