12 Million as Peoples

I am writing this because I get asked a lot this question. When I see numbers like 12M visitors across my services, what do I think? That is a very good question, and here I am to answer.

Last year I counted up all site visitors across all services that I run, and it totaled to some number around 12 million visitors (which is tiny for web hosting). I dont just think of you all as statistics, I think of you as peoples that I have to provide good experiences for. I went on a podcast a while back to talk with others about websites, visitors, and other things. When I said Ehh, about 8 million peoples so far others started getting mad because I was just seeing the statistics.

I really do care about the individuals that are using the things that I create and/or host. I want to make great, enjoyable services for you that are fun and make you genuinely happy. My words mean nothing without action, so over the years I have been constantly keeping all services up to date with the latest security and other user-experience improvements.

I dont make these constant changes to the sites and apps I run just to compete with the others in my category, I do it to continue to give a nice experience to the peoples that come and visit to check out what I or others do. I also like to release new things that are completely outside of my comfort zone because I will usually have a different take on how it works which has had a decent outcome in the past.