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Made in China is not worse!

Lots of people associate a product being made in China as low quality, and they prefer to buy things from their own country. Sure, there are lots of knockoff products that are made in China, but most of it is very good products that were actually designed in the United States, and then manufactured in

Will you survive?

If you were in a forest, all alone, what would you do? Would you run away from every wolf , bear, and snake you see? Would you become the best survivor out there? When humans are in shock, we tend to go crazy. This is due to high amounts of adrenaline being pumped into the

Should you null WordPress content?

This is going to be written to give you the facts, such as what is “nulling” and to present multiple opinions. Nulling is when you modify the code of plugins and themes in WordPress to get around paying for what you downloaded. This can be changing the PHP files to unlock “premium features” or something

Coronavirus from our perspective

As most of you know, we are a group of Chinese people from around the world who do hosting, but in a different way. We believe in hosting without censorship, so that’s what we provide. Lots of the work that we do is actually done in China, such as payment processing for some services, along

What makes Minecraft so good?

Minecraft is a game that can be played over and over and has no limits. There are infinite ways to play the game and lots of different ways you can take it. The technical side You can play with Redstone to make circuits. Everything from opening doors automatically when you walk near them all the

I keep quiet

I censor myself because I dont know what wont offend people. I was taught at a young age that if I dont want to cause any problems, just keep quiet, lay low, and nothing will happen. I dont understand how “free speech” works, so I just dont say anything much in person or online. I

Hackers Vs Government

Hacking is a way to manage someone’s electronics without their permission, and often  times without their knowledge. At its simplest, hacking is using one’s own computer to manipulate another person’s computer. More specifically, hacking is using one’s computer to change another computer’s code to run specific scripts that will force the other computer to run

Should we trust Google?

Google is a large company that owns YouTube, Google Ads, Blogger, and a lot more service. They have a big influence in western web design, security, and how the web works in general because they own Google Chrome. On previous article about keeping search fair there is evidence that Google likes to and does control

12 Million as Peoples

I am writing this because I get asked a lot this question. When I see numbers like 12M visitors across my services, what do I think? That is a very good question, and here I am to answer. Last year I counted up all site visitors across all services that I run, and it totaled to some

Cicada 3301

This is a very difficult internet puzzle that was started on 4chan by a anonymous group named 3301. The goal of the Cicada project is to recruit highly intelligent individuals to solve ciphers and other secret messages. There is not much known about Cicada 3301. They did place physical clues in the locations seen below