Made in China is not worse!

Lots of people associate a product being made in China as low quality, and they prefer to buy things from their own country. Sure, there are lots of knockoff products that are made in China, but most of it is very good products that were actually designed in the United States, and then manufactured in

Will you survive?

If you were in a forest, all alone, what would you do? Would you run away from every wolf , bear, and snake you see? Would you become the best survivor out there? When humans are in shock, we tend to go crazy. This is due to high amounts of adrenaline being pumped into the

I keep quiet

I censor myself because I dont know what wont offend people. I was taught at a young age that if I dont want to cause any problems, just keep quiet, lay low, and nothing will happen. I dont understand how “free speech” works, so I just dont say anything much in person or online. I