You don’t need antivirus

You don’t need an antivirus program. Most major computer operating systems come with an antivirus built in that works behind the scenes for you. Windows comes with a program called Windows Defender that by default, will protect your computer out of the box. Mac OS comes with its own antivirus program called XProtect that is

Neon OS – Review

Neon OS default wallpaper

Neon OS is a 64 bit operating system by KDE that is based off of Ubuntu Linux. It is fairly easy to install, with two main options, and then two more for developers below that. If you are a regular user, you will want to install the one on the left (user edition), while if

Should you null WordPress content?

This is going to be written to give you the facts, such as what is “nulling” and to present multiple opinions. Nulling is when you modify the code of plugins and themes in WordPress to get around paying for what you downloaded. This can be changing the PHP files to unlock “premium features” or something

Hackers Vs Government

Hacking is a way to manage someone’s electronics without their permission, and often  times without their knowledge. At its simplest, hacking is using one’s own computer to manipulate another person’s computer. More specifically, hacking is using one’s computer to change another computer’s code to run specific scripts that will force the other computer to run

Should we trust Google?

Google is a large company that owns YouTube, Google Ads, Blogger, and a lot more service. They have a big influence in western web design, security, and how the web works in general because they own Google Chrome. On previous article about keeping search fair there is evidence that Google likes to and does control

Why Privacy is Important

There is comfort in privacy. Constantly watching what someone does will change them into a person who does everything possible to avoid looking suspicious, and that is bad for many reasons. If someone was staring at you while you do your everyday activities you would be freaked out. I think that the internet is lacking

Keeping Search Engines Fair

Keeping search engines fair is something google and every search engine developer has to do. Keeping search fair isnt always allow equal search chances (thats how this site works) with featured results. Some search engines show news sites, and those need to be fair too so the reliable ones stay on the top, but the