As most of you know, we are a group of Chinese people from around the world who do hosting, but in a different way. We believe in hosting without censorship, so that’s what we provide.

Lots of the work that we do is actually done in China, such as payment processing for some services, along with advertisement delivering. Most of the people that actually work are in Asian countries, and are unable to work due to restrictions on the internet (to prevent misinformation) and quarantine. The quarantine is not as big of a problem because this is an online business, but restrictions on the internet are making things more difficult.

So far, all of the developers who work to keep you connected here are all fine, and no one has reported that they are feeling sick, or have the virus. The devs were told to take time off of work if they feel sick with full pay, and if anyone does get the virus (lets hope that doesn’t happen), they will still receive regular payments.

Most (not all) services will still continue to function as usual. Critical things such as DNS servers, web servers, FTP, and email will still be operational, but some may display a message, or redirect you back to this webpage when you type in the IP. This is to reduce cost in these uncertain times, and allow for more users to connect at a time, since lots of people have time to visit websites that you create on the network.

To wrap this all up, all of us are doing fine, and will continue to provide hosting. Some features may be limited or blocked entirely, but it does not affect what 98% of our users actually use.