I keep quiet

I censor myself because I dont know what wont offend people. I was taught at a young age that if I dont want to cause any problems, just keep quiet, lay low, and nothing will happen. I dont understand how “free speech” works, so I just dont say anything much in person or online. I dont use social media platforms that I dont own much because I dont know what someone will get offended by.

In real life I have become a really quiet person who tries to stay out of sight, out of mind and doesn’t say much. I try to learn about the people I am talking to so I can optimize what I say to not offend them, and to give good impressions. I usually hide what I really think and say what I think they would like me to say for the same reason. There are only about 2 people that I speak normally to without censoring my thoughts, you know who you are.

I have become naturally good at censoring what I think and going with what they want me to think because it has given me lots of opportunities. If I dont agree with something that someone else does, I will 90% of the time go with it and keep quiet just because I dont want to cause issues or any reactions.