Keeping Search Engines Fair

Keeping search engines fair is something google and every search engine developer has to do. Keeping search fair isnt always allow equal search chances (thats how this site works) with featured results. Some search engines show news sites, and those need to be fair too so the reliable ones stay on the top, but the new ones can also have a chance in the web market for news.

Fair and equal is not same. Equal means every page would be worth the same, and fair means page is valued based on content, word count, media count, and links going towards it.

What about Google’s Featured stories?

Below the search box, you can see featured stories. This is a useful features for finding news stories quickly, and the selection for the result “Trump” has a good selection of multiple sites offering different perspectives.

Search results for Trump taken March 5, 2020

Almost all of the energy impact from this process is incurred by your mobile provider at the base station, which is part of a vast network of these towers deployed across countries to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. That sprawl requires massive amounts of energy.

About Octarus

Octarus is a place to share documents of almost any kind with our community. The search engine is a big part of how you get around the site since it shows you the most relevant pages, and can influence your knowledge of topics. The search engine that is used on Octarus focuses on search equality, means that each page can have an equal chance at appearing in the featured section depending on how much effort you put into your document.

Instead of looking at lots of different things like Googles PageRank software, Octarus looks at a few factors, most notable is the page links that go to your page, along with the page size since a larger page size (with more words) usually means better thought out content. This site is a complete search engine that hosts everything locally rather than outsourcing content to anywhere on the web like on Google.

In the past, Google has been known to change the order of search results, and make news sites appear at the top or in their own section because of the reputation of the news source. This does not seem right for our site because we (the community) want everyone to have an equal chance to create amazing content. The website (Octarus) will do a bit of search filtering to determine what should be featured, but as long as you write good content, you will appear in the search results high for your page title and content.