Made in China is not worse!

Lots of people associate a product being made in China as low quality, and they prefer to buy things from their own country. Sure, there are lots of knockoff products that are made in China, but most of it is very good products that were actually designed in the United States, and then manufactured in China, such as Apple products like iPhone and iPad.

Some of the most amazing things were designed, developed, and made in China, such as the trees that you can see above. There is plenty of other neat things that you can only buy in China, along with other countries that surround China.

Supporting American businesses

Typically when you are buying products that were made in China, you are buying products that were designed in the United States, and therefore, you are supporting American businesses if you are into that sort of thing.

Supporting Chinese businesses

By buying products from countries like China, you are giving jobs to millions who wouldn’t be able to get one otherwise. There is a huge trading market, where materials are bought and sold, and since it is closer together (and more efficient) the end product is usually cheaper.