Neon OS – Review

Neon OS default wallpaper

Neon OS is a 64 bit operating system by KDE that is based off of Ubuntu Linux. It is fairly easy to install, with two main options, and then two more for developers below that. If you are a regular user, you will want to install the one on the left (user edition), while if you are a developer, you might want to check out the one on the right, or the options below it on their website.

The installation process is quick and painless, once Neon OS loads for the first time, click on the icon in the top right, and you will see a page asking for various fields of information, such as timezone, keyboard, language, and to set up a new user.

Transition from Windows 10

Since Neon is similar to Windows in many ways, it should be fairly easy to get used to the new operating system. The file manager (below) is very similar to what you can find on Windows, and is mostly minor UI changes.

KDE Neon file manager

The file manager is similar to windows, but it has a few minor differences that make a big difference. Using the split button in the top right, you can open two file locations, such as an external drive and your desktop, and both are controllable separately. The file manager is also very fast in general, and even works over FTP and other network connections.

You can even change things to look like a more Windows-style, and it is a built in feature, no need to install any extra themes, but that is also an option. Everything is customizable with Neon OS, which might scare some people, but it is actually very hard to screw it up permanently, since there are ways to easily revert changes that you have made, and you can also delete themes that you have installed.

Along with being customizable, Neon is also very heavy on privacy, and they know that privacy is important, so they have added lots of features to help you take control of your privacy. KDE Wallet is another nice feature that lets you encrypt passwords on your device instead of storing them in a text file (like some people do). Another notable security feature is that Neon comes with Firefox out of the box rather than Google Chrome, because Chrome tracks what you do online, and Firefox does not.

There are too many other great features of Neon OS to cover in this review, but this is just an overview of some of the best features that you can find in the latest version.