Rules Of Survival: Review

Rules Of Survival is one of the best alternatives to the game Fortnite. It is a battle royale game that drops users into a battlefield and has them fight each other to be the last person alive.

The game has no cartoon-style graphics, and more importantly no annoying dances. It does have clothing option but they are not an important part of the game so most user have the default skin. The clothes that are available are not anything crazy like some of Fortnite’s options, and these are a lot more realistic.

The game has a map in the top left corner that you can click on to view a larger image of it. It is not a great map since it gets kind of blurry when you zoom in, but it has a feature that lets you click on a place, drop a waypoint, and start traveling there automatically.

The Good.

The game has nice graphics, no emotes, and no cartoon-style graphics.