Minecraft is a game that can be played over and over and has no limits. There are infinite ways to play the game and lots of different ways you can take it.

The technical side

You can play with Redstone to make circuits. Everything from opening doors automatically when you walk near them all the way to building full on computers and calculators inside of the game.

Plenty of building materials

In the game there are hundreds of different building materials that you can use to create whatever you want. There are lots of different options from the colorful ones, to the darker and grey ones. They all have lots of details to them which makes the game even more fun. Even though it is pixelated, most textures go well together, and have lots of neat uses.

Ray tracing support

With the newest beta for the bedrock edition, there is now support for ray tracing. This means that you can now experience beautiful graphics in game, while it processes light rays off of the environment around you.