Will you survive?

If you were in a forest, all alone, what would you do? Would you run away from every wolf , bear, and snake you see? Would you become the best survivor out there? When humans are in shock, we tend to go crazy. This is due to high amounts of adrenaline being pumped into the brain. 

What makes one person able to survive better than another? What instincts do humans have to adapt to the new environment? At the core of every human, there is a survival instinct, that is built into human DNA to tell you what to do, and what your primary needs are in case you freeze up due to an information overload, or a “I’m definitely gonna die” attitude. The information overload happens when you have a high amount of information trying to be processed. This can cause your brain to shut down, and you will either pass out, or in extreme circumstances, enter a coma, although this won’t help you out very much, so natural instinct tries to slow your thinking down just enough so you won’t be stuck in a trauma. 

Animals are the second greatest threat to you. Depending on your fear of animals like snakes, you will be able to handle it differently. If you are afraid of these creepy-crawly things, you will most likely have issues with this, and try to run away. Some people would try to fight off these animals, and depending on your strength, agility, and weight, you could be better suited to fighting off these animals. 

Every human has different life experiences, so there is no true way to tell what you would do, but to actually have been in a survival situation. Because of the adrenaline, if it doesn’t rush to your brain that quickly, you may pass out. If it goes there immediately, you will have a better chance overall. Honestly, there are too many factors to choose from when deciding who will survive and who won’t. Survival of the fittest, is a term used to refer to this. The strong will live longer, and the weak will die. 

Everyone will die, but if you are in a survival situation, instinct is your friend, snakes are your enemies, and make sure not to have a “Yah totally I’m gonna die” attitude. Staying positive in these situations has been proven to have an impact on your ability to survive.