Content Policy

Rules Simplified

  • All content on this site must be legal, including all text, images, video, or other files. The documents you create must have some value to the visitors, so spam, doxxing, and excessive advertising are not allowed.
  • Documents that promote the sale or link to marketplaces with materials such as weapons of any kind, drugs of any kind, or gambling sites (at admin digression) will be removed immediately.
  • Content that is meant to threaten others, put others in danger, or be harmful to them is not allowed (at admin digression) and will be removed without warning. Repeated offenses will have your account blocked.
  • Talking about protected classes (Race, Color, Religion, Sex) is fine as long as it is meant to be useful information. For example, It is fine to disagree with one of these classes, but you must give a reason why you disagree.

Image and file rights

Images and files that are used on other services that are apart of this network can be freely distributed on this site as well. For example, if you upload a team logo on our collaboration service then you are agreeing to its use on this site as well. Any images within our network that are without the NoIndex tag attached to them are considered public, and are freely distributed on this site too.

Text and page content

If you don’t agree with content on a page, or it interferes with your beliefs, then find another page to look through. This website is based upon free speech, so go for it! If someone creates a page that could be physically harmful to you personally (such as releasing your address) then contact the administrators of this site and it will be removed from the network. If someone creates a page that contains information harmful to your business, group, or organization, (such as talking about bad business practices or unlawful activity that you do) then discuss it with the page author.

Disturbing Content

Content that most will find disturbing, disgusting, or could put you in jail is not allowed here ever. Content such as Gore, Pornography, Slaughter, Animal abuse, or Extreme distress are not allowed here. Octarus will report disturbing content to the authorities depending on context.

Content Accuracy

Please do your best to keep documents as accurate as possible. If accuracy means talking about something bad that someone or a group has done, that is fine, and we will always try to keep those types of documents safe.